Platform for Architectural Transfers in the Indian Ocean rim
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Institutions: Colonial and Postcolonial

Within this theme, we inquire into the role of structures of the state and its affiliates, as well as autonomous organisations and networks in the processes of producing built environments. Examples could include but are not limited to Departments of Public Works, Railway systems, Building Research Institutes, Development Banks, International aid agencies and other NGOs, institutions for the advancement of art and culture such as India’s Lalit Kala Akademi, and the metropolitan/imperial Department of Science and Arts, as well as transnational missionary organisations among many others. How have such institutional agents translated power and policy into the architectures of their respective technical and knowledge domains? How might such processes have their own autonomous histories and continuities?  What are their legacies (cognitive as well as constructed) in different post-colonial nation building contexts—Kenya or Yemen, for instance, as compared to India, or Pakistan?


   Peter Scriver            Catherine Desai
  (Theme director)         (Theme coordinator)